Joseph “Joey G” Giordano

My Kiwanis Family journey started many years ago, when I joined the Circle K Club at Stockton University. For 4 years, I learned the fundamentals of being a servant leader and how I could get involved and make a difference in my local community. I learned that Kiwanis is an organization dedicated to helping all children regardless of their circumstances. An organization that develops students into truly realizing their potential and that, as the Kiwanis family of organizations, offers everyone a platform for truly making a positive change in the world. After college, I joined my local Kiwanis Club located in Holmdel. It was there that I started to become an active member in the community I grew up in. I dedicated myself to service and to help mentor students in our local schools to help them become better leaders. For the last 10 years, that has been my driving force as I have worked my way up in the Kiwanis leadership ladder. I have served in many positions throughout our district and have received many accolades for the hard work and dedication I put forth. I always put my heart into everything I do and a 100% effort into reaching my goals. With each position I served in, I gained more experience and leadership skills, as well as learning how Kiwanis really works. I learned where we need to make changes in our organization order to better meet the demands of our members. This year, it is my pleasure to serve as the 2020-2021 Governor of the New Jersey District of Kiwanis. As Governor, my emphasis is YOU, the individual members of our district. My major goal for this year is to increase the overall experience for all NJ Kiwanians. I want you all to know that everything we do as a District Board is there to help you and that we will always be listening to you because you matter. Kiwanis is about serving our communities and making the world the world a better place for all the children. Kiwanis gives us a platform to truly reach out to all those in need and help them in any way we can. As Kiwanians, we must all recognize the amazing opportunity we have been given and to use that in making a better future for everyone in our communities and the world.  I want us to grow as an organization and help our members develop their leadership skills; For them to realize their potential, bring new ideas to their clubs, and step up to be the next leaders going forward. Through our District Chairs, we will provide you with the tools you need to succeed, but it is up to each and everyone one of you to use those tools if we are to make a bigger impact. Fellowship is also a big part of what holds our organization together and we must never forget that. It is through the fellowship amongst our fellow members that I have come to love our organization. Regardless of what is going on in the world and our differences in opinions, as Kiwanians, we can all come together and share in the comfort that we are all there for once purpose: to be a positive influence in our communities. We are always there for each other, especially in these times of need, and we must continue to do this. We need to make certain we are always listening to our members and hearing their ideas; constantly molding our organization into something that they have faith in and that they know they can make a productive contribution to our future. Finally, we must ensure that our Service Leadership Programs thrive in our communities. Now, more than ever, we need to take a hands on approach to providing the help and guidance our student leaders need. We must listen to them and take their opinions and needs seriously, as we must all work together in order to make positive impacts in our communities. I have been a person of many journeys and now I am on the most important journey in my life. I want to make a positive difference in your experience as a member of the New Jersey Kiwanis Family and I am here for you along every step of the way as we travel into the future together.

Kiwanis Experience

Kiwanis Club of Holmdel
Vice President: 2011-2012
President Elect: 2012-2013
President: 2013-2014
Chairman, Board of Directors: 2014-2015
Member, Board of Directors: 2015-2020

Kiwanis Club of Middletown
Charter Member: 2016
Chairman, Board of Directors: 2016-2017
Club Treasurer: 2017-2018
Club Secretary: 2018-2020

NJ Kiwanis District Board
Lieutenant Governor Elect, Division 5: 2014-2015,
Lieutenant Governor, Division 5: 2015-2016
Lieutenant Governor Elect, Division 5: 2016-2017
Lieutenant Governor, Division 5: 2017-2018
District Membership Coordinator: 2018-2019
District Governor Elect: 2019-2020
District Governor: 2020 – Present

Student Leadership Programs
Past Kiwanis Advisor for the Key Clubs at Raritan and Saint John Vianney High Schools: 2010-2016
Kiwanis Advisor for the Builders Club at St. Bendicts School: 2010-Present
Member, Committee on Key Leader: 2011-2020
Zone Advisor, NJ Kiwanis Committee on Circle K: 2012-2020
Kiwanis Advisor for the Key Club at High Technology High School: 2012-Present
Kiwanis Advisor for Brookdale Community College Circle K: 2012-Present

Awards and Accolades
Circle K International Carthage Pullman Society Award: 2007
Holmdel Kiwanis Club Committee Chairman Award: 2011
NJ Circle K Circle of Service Award: 2014
NJ Circle K Kiwanis Advisor of the Year Award: 2016
Kiwanis International Foundation George F. Hixson Fellowship Award: 2014
Circle K International Distinguished District Kiwanis Committee Member Award: 2015
Kiwanis Walter Zeller Fellowship Award: 2016
NJ Circle K Governors Support Award: 2017
Kiwanis International Formula Gold Level “Gift of Kiwanis” Award: 2017
NJ Circle K Kiwanis Advisor of the Year Award: 2018
NJ Kiwanis Foundation Carrington Swain Fellowship Award: 2018
Kiwanis International Formula Silver Level “Gift of Kiwanis” Award: 2019
Distinguished Club Secretary: 2019
Distinguished Club Member (Kiwanis Club of Holmdel): 2019
Distinguished Club Member (Kiwanis Club of Middletown): 2019
NJ Circle K Governors Support Award – 2020
Circle K International Distinguished District Kiwanis Committee Member Award – 2020

Past SLP Experience
Member of The Richard Stockton College of NJ Circle K Club (Served as Club Editor, Lieutenant Governor, Club President, District Laws and Regulations Chair, Club K-Family Chair): 2003-2007

Other Affiliations
Boy Scouts of America
Eagle Scout: 2001
Order of the Arrow, Honor Society of the BSA (Vigil Member): 2001

Personal and Professional Information
Bachelors of Science Degree in Psychology, Richard Stockton College of NJ: 2007
Professional Caterer, Jacques Exclusive Catering: 2003-Present